Chequepoint, Transcheq, Harada Ltd, Worldcash, Citicruiser, Halcyon Datasys, Halcyon Datacorp & Prague Safe Deposit are some of the business ventures / products associated with Mr. Felix Grovit.

Halcyon Datacorp

Halcyon Datacorp, is an ICT affiliate of INVER TRUST, the largest, private sector, independently owned, financial conglomerate in Europe with over 100 offices worldwide.

From this powerful financial base, Halcyon Datacorp brings together a range of ICT services to satisfy the group’s own requirements and those of its clients.

Managing risk, maintaining security, and remaining in a leadership position require us to harness state-of-the-art technologies to deliver critical needs of business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) projects.

Consequently, we are experienced at implementing and deploying scalable systems with up-to-date technologies and high-availability. Also, being well informed on major ICT developments in the context of modern business gives us a unique perspective on delivering mission-critical systems for a variety of organisations.

This perfect combination provides us the strength to deploy leading system analysts, software professionals and talented programmers to develop time-critical and cost-effective technology solutions.

Halcyon Datacorp subsidiaries characterise the strength that companies seek in having a robust partner able to deliver outsourced solutions for all their ICT needs:

- The subsidiaries are part of a major, independently owned, financial organisation.
- The Group company has a wide global presence.
- Group turnover exceeds US$500 million, and has over 27 years of international business experience.
- Halcyon Datacorp offers services ranging from consulting & outsourcing facilities to shared-risk project engagements.
- It has major "Development Centres: located in: UK, INDIA and USA.
- The Company’s infrastructure compares with the best in international software outsourcing industry.

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